A cappuccino maker is just another word for all-in-one coffee maker. Because if it can do cappuccino, it can do anything. A good cappuccino maker can cost as little as $80. Look for big brands like Keurig, De’Longhi or Kenwood .

However, cappuccino machines are a lot different from espresso. While most espresso makers will brew you a cup of coffee with a touch of a button, cappuccino makers are more sophisticated and require understanding and an effort from you. We love cappuccino makers because they are reliable, they usually brew coffee from grounded beans or coffee pods, they have several important features like the milk whisker, steam, self-priming, thermostats and more.

Naturally, it’s not a one-button machine. You will have to learn how to operate it. You will be your own personal barista. Of course, it’s not rocket science but that does mean that you have to make a choice between paying a lot more but buying a technologically advanced coffee maker that will make any cup of coffee for you. Or, for a reasonable price in most cases you can get yourself a cappuccino maker that will have less buttons but will probably be just as powerful as the high tech machine. The only difference will be how much you will have to do yourself.

It’s hard picking a cappuccino maker. There are so many important things to consider. Plastic or stainless steal? Automatic, semi-automatic or a manual coffee maker? Does it have a cup warmer? How big is the machine? Do you only use pods, grounded beans or both? Keep in mind that the machine you choose will probably serve you at least for 5-6 years. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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