Expresso machines can take coffee beans and turn them into the most delectable cup of frothy brew possible. Two of the most popular makes of expresso machines are Saeco, a Italian manufacturer and Jura, in Switzerland.

Saeco coffee maker

For a mid-priced expresso machine, the Italian made Saeco Classico gets excellent reviews. While the overall performance of these machines that are made for home use is excellent, the two main complaints were that the frothing wand was too short and difficult to use, and the machines had to cool off after two espressos, making it somewhat impractical for use with large groups. On the upside, the tank is stainless steel, which protects users from lead, which is a concern with brass tanks.

Jura coffee expresso maker

The Jura Capresso EspressoPRO 112s, made in Switzerland, are also mid-priced machines that offer a retro look and an amazingly frothy brew. While the machine has a lot of potential for the average home user, it also comes with one minor drawback. If the filter is not cleaned out immediately after use, it can be difficult to clean. It also features a stainless steal tank and comes with video taped instructions. And those who are accustom to a steam wand may be disappointed to learn this unit does not have one. Although the EspressoPRO does not have a wand, it does offer a better froth than many of it’s competitor can create. These units are sold in 40 countries, including the USA.

Both companies also make espresso machines for commercial use, and over all product ratings are very good; however, if you are considering purchasing an espresso maker, it is to your advantage to do an Internet search and read model-specific reviews. It is also wise to do a price comparison among retailers, as the purchase price can vary greatly.

For those individuals who love their espresso, an espresso maker for the home is a wonderful luxury. By taking the time to research the different models on the market, you can make sure and get the machine that is right for you, or think of giving gifts of expresso machines.

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