Do you remember those little metal espresso makers that you would fill up with coffee and water and put on the stove? Maybe you still use one? One can never deny that they would brew amazing coffee. But it’s still pretty messy – making the coffee, brewing, cleaning afterwards. Nowadays you can buy yourself an espresso maker and have a perfect little cu of coffee with no hassle at all. Plus, they all look so stylish.

Anyway, there are dozens of options if you want to buy an espresso maker. The best ones go for around $100-$120. There are several brands that you can choose from like Kenwood, Keurig, Bunn and a few others. But don’t make the mistake of dismissing any of the option automatically. Just because it’s not one of the best brands known for the espresso makers.

There are a few things you should look for beyond the price. Expresso makers use coffee pods – find out what kind of pods they use. Some pods are only compatible with the same brand. So, make sure the pods you’ll be using are easy to get and the maintenance will not be more expensive in the long run than the maker itself.

As espresso makers don’t only make espresso, look for options with additional features – maybe a bigger water container, programs and settings you can use, maybe a milk whisker or any other. However, also consider a few options that cost a little more. Paying extra may have a few benefits. If you buy a coffee maker that makes espresso, you will have more options, you will also be able to use coffee beans, ground coffee as well as pods and chances are that in the long run it will be much cheaper. Also, for some people a better option is a two cup espresso maker instead of a single cup. Make sure to consider all your options and buy yourself the best espresso maker you can afford – it will make your every morning.

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