Gevalia is a well known coffee maker brand dating back to 1853. The company specializes in coffee and tea makers but their selection goes far and beyond whether we talk about pods, thermoses, cold coffee machines, accessories or anything in between.

Gevalia is best known for their coffee makers – long-serving, affordable, a type that you can really rely on to help you start your day with the tastiest hot cup of coffee. Most of their containers are fit for 6-8 cups of coffee but some are as small as 4 or as large as 10 cups. They have coffee makers that you can use with ground coffee or with pods. In either case, you can get a large variety of coffee and coffee pods with a discount from their own website. You can make a one time order or order a regular delivery right to your door. However, as far as the coffee pods go, they are suitable only with version 1 and version 2 K-cups, Keureg’s patented coffee pods.

Gevalia is a huge brand giving you a ton of options whether it’s coffee, tea or coffee makers you are interested in. If you are interested in the latter, however, you should know more about Gevalia’s 12-cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. You can get it for around $100 which is nothing if you have in mind that it is a highest rated Gevalia coffee maker. It comes with a 2 year warranty but you won’t need it because this stainless steel coffee brewing masterpiece will probably serve you for 10 years.

Are there drawbacks to using¬†Gevalia¬†? Probably. It’s hard to imagine a product that fits everyone taste. But one thing is for sure, they are among the best so if you are looking for a reliable coffee maker that makes great coffee, Gevalia is your best bet.

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