Why grind and brew Coffee Makers are the best choice?

A dozen of reasons, really. In a small survey we conducted on social media we got very interesting results about what people thought about their grind and brew coffee makers. It turns out that the biggest reason why people prefer all-in-one coffee makers is that it takes out the hassle. However, they need cleaning more often than coffee pod machines.

The second biggest reason was that the coffee is already ready when they want it. In the morning, when you come into the kitchen half asleep, what do you do first? It’s probably put on the kettle, take out the sugar and the coffee, get the cups, wait for the water to build and fill up the cups. With the grind and brew coffee makers there’s none of that. You come into the kitchen, still half asleep, only this time you only take out the cup and fill it up with coffee. Easy and quick, what else would you like more early in the morning?

There are other reasons as well, like some coffee pods being unrecycable, more expensive but most people don’t count that as big reasons. They are important to some, and will be more so as some countries introduce laws banning the selling of such coffee pods but for now they seem to be secondary in making the difference for customers who are planing on buying a coffee makers.

A few years back you could get only one variety of grind and brew makers. Usually, they all looked the same – a container for 8 or 12 cups had coffee, a filter and a few buttons on the front panel. Now there are several types of grind and brew coffee makers you can choose, even a single cup grind and brew coffee maker.

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