Keurig is one of the world’s most famous coffee maker brands. But they are the most controversial as well. Because no matter how good their single cup coffee makers and cappuccino machines are, their philosophy with the K-cups, their patented coffee pods. Keurig introduced them a few years back. They are the only type of coffee pods that are suitable with any Keurig coffee maker. Plus, they are not recycable.

At the beginning the sales were fine but for over a year now their sales have been declining. Analysts believe it may be the fault of the K-cups. Keurig promised to look into the problem but let’s face it, they are forced to. A few years back a Keurig coffee maker was a great gift but being incompatible with other brand coffee pods is certainly a disadvantage. Until they do face this problem they are loosing even their most loyal customers every day that will be hard to get back later.

But all in all, Keurig is a wonderful coffee machine brand. After all, that’s how they earned their reputation in the first place. Recently they have introduced two new products – a coffee machine Keurig 2.0 and Keurig Kold which is for cold beverages. Keurig 2.0 is such an amazing-looking machine. And it Keurig 2.0 in part fixes the K-pod problem – you can reuse a special filter with your favorite ground coffee. However, if you want to use pods, you can still only use K-pods.

Keurig’s patented technology guarantees you’ll get a perfect cup of coffee every time. Their selection is truly amazing and will definitely suit anyone’s needs. Make surer to check out their KOLD system, as well.

You won’t find anything like it.

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